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Rebuilding Ukraine

Art, Music and Passion

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Rebuilding Ukraine

Art, Music and Passion

Cultural identity makes every country unique.

Safeguarding the artistic heritage is a fundamental asset that must be pursued.

Helping the younger generations make their dreams come true.

Today more than ever it is important to act: "Rebuilding Ukraine: art, music and passion" is the concrete response of 4Elements AssociAction.

Donate! Let’s get it done.

4Elements AssociAction with the Rebuilding Ukraine project raises funds to be used in three directions:

The initiative of the President of Ukraine

Launched by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy as the main venue for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine recostruction.

Kharkiv School of Music named after B.M. Lyatoshynskyi

The first specialized music institution in Kharkiv. Opened in 1883.

Charitable Foundation named John of Rila

A foundation created by volunteers from Kharkiv to concretely solve basic necessities

Music helps us to move forward, it supports us. I do it for myself and my neighbors. The music for a few moments prevents us to think about the bombs

Vira Lytovchenko

Vira and her violin become International Ambassadors of the European cultural heritage.

“I am not a soldier,
I am a musician”

Vira Lytovchenko

Vira and her violin are the main protagonists of this project.
Vira’s basement becomes a concert hall. She shares food with her neighbors but above all she plays the violin: the best thing she can do Vera’s journey starts from here…

But this time her music will go far away…

The journey has begun!

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